May 21, 2013

Finally! The rains are back...

Never thought I'd wish for rain in Boquete, but there's been a severe water shortage this year and Panama City has entered energy crisis mode on a few occasions.  Businesses and schools closed down, shop hours were shortened, and air conditioning was rationed in the warmer areas.   This week holds the promise of heavy electrical and rain storms, according to the national weather and news.    Took advantage of the overcast skies and cooler weather to work in the garden, transplanting numerous rose bushes and plotting areas for new fruit and vegetable plants.   

Hoping things don't pan out as they did back in November 2008 when the Caldera river flooded and wiped out two bridges plus several business establishments and a few homes.   That year, people keep reminding me,  summer was unseasonably dry like now, and then winter came back with a sudden vengeance around August or so.   At least, with the new boulder reinforcements along the river banks in town, the bridges and businesses are probably safe.   

We need the rain at this time and so I welcome it.    Here's a photo of my latest blooming orchid,  enjoying the customary dampness of Boquete.   I never grow tired of looking at them.