Jun 23, 2014

Update on Forensic Findings

According to the most recent announcement by the Ministerio Publico, the remains found in Alto Romero are confirmed as belonging to Lisanne Froon.   The investigation regarding Lisanne Froon has changed from one of possible kidnapping to one of possible homicide according to Betzaida Pitti.  She emphasized, however, that any attempt to determine the cause of death ---whether natural or traumatic---would be premature and needs to be left up to forensic experts.  She as well as others have reiterated that the trail from Boquete to Bocas del Toro, upon which the two women traveled, obligates the traveler to cross the Culubré river three separate times.  From videos provided by the national news service, these crossing are extremely treacherous. 

Ms. Pitti has assured that the process they've followed has been appropriate all along and that calm needs to prevail in order to carry out the best investigation into the circumstances that lead to Lisanne Froon's demise. 

The spokesperson for the Froon and Kremers families indicated the parents of both women will issue a joint communication from Holland.