May 2, 2013

Boquete Flowers

Boquete's high altitude and cooler climate discourage the growth of many tropical flowers found in Panama's lowlands and in warmer-climated Costa Rica.  It's been a trial and error process learning which flowers will flourish in my yard and which ones won't make it.  Orchids, of course, thrive in Boquete.  Any reasonably prudent gardener can achieve success with them here.  Roses and anthuriums also do fairly well.  So do lillies.   But the flower most characteristic of Boquete, in my humble opinion, is the hibiscus.  Put any old stick or cutting of a hibiscus in the ground here, and it will reward you quickly with sturdy bushes and a myriad of delicate blossoms.  One can see the wide variety of colors, textures, and petal formations for this genus on any short walk through Boquete neighborhoods.  Below are a few photos I shot recently while working in the yard or running around town.