May 4, 2013

Friday Night Fun at Amigos

Stopped in at Amigos to enjoy some live music with a few friends.  Was pleasantly surprised by the Adam Reach Band, which was really cooking this evening.  They were slotted to play from 7 pm until 10 pm, but   continued to entertain us until a quarter to midnight.  Another surprise was an impromptu performance by a visiting recording artist from Canada,  Jacelyn Holmes, who sang a few of her own songs accompanied by the Panamanian band members [who had never previously heard them].  Ms. Holmes has quite the stage presence and as the night wore on, the musicians really clicked.  They were playing more  for themselves than the audience, and the result was absolutely delightful.  

I've made a few attempts to upload a cell phone video of the jam session, but it just isn't working.  So I've added the link below, which will take you to a site where you can hear a sampling of  those songs which  Ms. Holmes sang for us.

It was a truly enjoyable evening---the kind you tell your friends about, and one of those that happen often in Boquete.  But as is also the case, it was an improvisational one that can't be pre-arranged for out of town guests, or recaptured for those that missed it....