Jan 22, 2011

Could You Please Tell Me Where I Am?

Did I mention  I love having my own Panama vehicle?  There's so much to see, but until recently, no way to get there.   Today,  I drove out to Caldera.  The plan was to investigate how different the weather was from Boquete.  But Caldera (the town) is a lot smaller than  imagined.  Nice, but barely there.  Two sneezes and you'll miss it.  The surrounding areas are captivating, however.   

One thing lead to another and I found myself driving for nearly 4 hours over hill and dale and dusty trail.  Got thoroughly lost.  But stopped frequently and enjoyed the sights along the way.   Here are some of them.

Eventually ended up on the road to Bocas del Toro and stopped in a small town somewhere past what may have been Gualaca.  There I was able to get directions back to Boquete.  It was a wonderful excursion, the car held up, and I met some very nice Panamanians.