Jan 16, 2011

Playa La Barqueta---For What Ails Me

Although the Boquete weather is struggling valiently to improve, I'd still had enough and needed to go somewhere warmer.   The annual Coffee and Flowers festival is in town for the next two weeks.  Tried to visit, but couldn't find a parking space and just gave up and came home.  I'll go on foot another day.

Headed out to Playa Barqueta to see what it's all about.  I am sooooo happy to have a car and be able to get out and explore finally.  Although the trip from Boquete to David was heartbreaking due to all the ecological destruction being done in the name of progress (translation---highway expansion from 2 to 4 lanes) I managed through it.    I wanted to cry every time I saw the mutilated carcasses of centuries-old native hardwood trees strewn callously about the shoulder of the road or piled high against a hillside of dry red dirt where lush tropical vegetation used to grow.  The countryside from Boquete to David is forever scarred.  Levelled, cleared, it reminds me more of the Arizona desert than the tropical paradise I fell in love with.

Once past David, things looked less violated. The scenery was open and flat, but green and comforting.  There's a huge planned community slated for Playa La Barqueta, and expansive homes and gated entrances keep the casual visitor out of the nicer spots.  But since the beach is public domain, one can enter through the public access point and walk along the beach to explore the community on foot, if desired.   I've visited Coronado and Vista Mar resorts near Panama City, and found Las Olas to be in the same league, but on a smaller scale.  The best news is it's so much closer!

Public Access Beach

Photo taken from Hotel Las Olas beach entrance