Jan 30, 2011

Prices in Panama are really UP !

I wish I understood economics and financial trends, and I wish I had even a trace of business savvy.  But unfortunately I am worse than worst in these areas and fear I'm just too old to learn at this stage of my life.   That said, I'd give anything to understand why prices skyrocket as they do in Panama.  It's accepted that prices will increase over time, even in the states.  But it seems to me, they do so alot less drastically. Wish there were a clear explanation. 

Today, at the supermarket I reached for my favorite cheese, which routinely has cost $5.69 for a standard, round, waxed mold.  My jaw dropped when, practically overnight, the price tag read $ 7.49.  The price for my favorite wine had also risen  $.50.  And my favorite cut of beef, up $0.65 per pound from prices a few weeks ago.  Checked the same items at different stores, in David as well as Boquete, but the prices were consistent.

Wondering if it has to do with tourist season, or if there's some other rationale.  I remember learning somewhere perhaps 40 yrs ago that when demand increases, inflation goes up and prices rise.  Can't believe demand on these items went up that much that fast.  All I know is it isn't getting any easier to live here than in the states, and that's an important consideration.   The cheese I like so much---made next door in Costa Rica---is cheaper at the local Mexican supermarket in the states than it is right here, or even in Costa Rica, for that matter.   Can someone explain this to me?