Jan 2, 2011

Transitory Rainbow

My friend, Ardie, has a personal writing project she calls "Kisses from God".  She explained that it's a journal of all the special things that happen in her life that she knows are more than coincidences.  She feels they are direct answers to her prayers to God. She's keeping this journal to share with her children and grandchildren when she's no longer around to relay them herself.  I've encouraged Ardie to share the stories now, not only with family but perhaps with others who would also be inspired by her personal accountings.  I thought it would be great  if she could set up a blog with the same title.  She's "thinking about it".   

I don't want to plagiarize her idea nor steal her thoughts.  But today I experienced one of Ardie's "Kisses from God', and wanted to share it.  Once her blog is established, she can copy this post with my blessing.  I'll  be the first to follow it, and I know others will quickly join me.  Ardie,  it's time to get  Kisses from God up and running.  You're the perfect person to do it!

I didn't actually pray for the gift I was given, but it definitely feels God-sent.
For nearly a year, I'd been trying to find someone to teach me about a subject for which I have great interest, but no experience or talent.  I inquired everywhere I could think of & even asked a few professionals if they would consider working with me.  But I kept reaching dead ends.  Finally, I just let it go, stopped trying to force the issue, and decided to explore my interest on my own.  Now, as I'm gaining some momentum, the perfect teacher suddenly appeared and has agreed to give me lessons at a cost & frequency I'm able to afford.  We reached an understanding today. After wrapping it all up this afternoon, I opened my back door to take deep breath and look at the sky.   This is what greeted me... 

After seizing my camera to record this kiss, "my" rainbow gradually ascended upward, over the mountain, and  into the sky.  It was gone within 30 minutes.